Dr. Otterman was born in Lodz, Poland, in 1937. At the age of three, he and his parents escaped Lodz and fled to Warsaw. From there to the Pietrokov ghetto and were subsequently interned in the Radom ghetto and then transfered to the near by Daimler work camp away producing small munitions. In June of 1944, as the Russians advanced from the east, the camp was liquidated, and its inmates shipped to Auschwitz. Bernard and his mother escaped from the line being marched to the trains, fled and hid for six months as fugitives in the Polish countryside and survived until the Russian troops liberated Poland in January of 1945. His father was sent by train to Auschwitz, then immediately moved to a work camp in Germany. He too survived and the family was reunited in Lodz in September of 1945 through displaced persons listings. They lived in Germany until coming to the United States in 1951. Otterman was trained in mechanical engineering and for many years was on the engineering faculty at Northeastern and Hofstra universities.

He worked and reworked the stories in the collection for more than a decade. The Golem of Auschwitz was first published in “New Millennium Writings.” Kaddish was first published in “The Nassau Review” and received first prize in fiction from the Review. Lotto Fever was first published in “Word/Slovo.” Several of Dr. Otterman’s poems have been published in “Poetry”, “Jewish Currents” and other journals and compendia. He is in the process of completing a novel centered on the life and death of journalist and novelist Arthur Koestler.

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