"And the Lord God caused a deep sleep 
				 to fall upon the man, and he slept;"
									Genesis II, 21


When Adam opens his eyes
she is standing next to him.
Himself but different,
he marvels at what he sees.
He reaches to touch her shoulder
and is surprised by the smooth, warm feel of her skin.
Urged on by this unfamiliar sensation
his hand moves slowly down her chest.
His finger tips trace the downward curve of her breast
and circle her brown areola twice.
He touches her nipple, and Eve lets out a soft cry.
Adam moves closer.
He hears her breath and feels its rhythm,
but their bodies don't touch.
He looks into her brown eyes and sees reflected a white sky.
He feels her gaze and a glow of recognition takes shape in his eyes.
Then without knowing why, he drives his hips into hers
and his manhood enlarged, rests against the curve of her belly.

It was like that when I, a boy of eight,
played with Krisha both nude in bed.
I didn't seek out her mouth nor did she mine
for we didn't know the steps to knowing.

- Bernard Otterman