You should have seen these fools lying in a circle,
sweating, and twisted wanting to be done.
The men on top pressing the others down
while I, cool and perfumed, danced.
One day, bored, I bit down hard just to hear one of them howl.

Next week more wanted the same fun,
while my husband sat eating in our house
with two visitors mysteriously arrived.
Later, instead of the strangers
he offered our two virgin daughters to the gathered angry crowd.
What do you say about that ?

Now, he threatens me with a whip and drags me out.
I can't leave, I have the grandest house in town,
the waterfalls and fountains of my baths are renowned.
So don't tell me I mustn't turn around.
I have a name, you know.
I hate it when you call me Lot's wife.

- Bernard Otterman