Some Lubavitcher Chasidim can no longer wait
for their Rebbe to reincarnate.
Dressed in black with curled sideburns to their neck,
they contact the modern day magician
the digital engineer.

Give us what in ancient times
was an apparition,
but what today is holy-vision,
our Rebbe as a hologram.
Let him sit in his customary synagogue seat.
Let his gravely voice be heard, and if possible,
let his hand stroke his long gray beard.
Let us have a Virtual Rebbe as our guide
with whom our deepest prayers can reside.

Who knows the destiny of this Rebbe's soul
when its maker decides to complete its goal.
It may occupy that photonic abode
in that Borough Park Synagogue.
Then the Virtual Rebbe will start to walk
to every man, woman, and child he will talk.
The long hoped redemption will have arrived,
so what, if in process we all become d-i-g-i-t-i-z-e-d.

Bernard Otterman